How To Choose A Domain Name – Ideas and Best Practices

how to choose a domain name Choosing a domain name is a critical decision that webmasters face when creating a new property.  Every year the process gets tougher as more and more names are spoken for.  In this post I present a set of best practices to keep in mind when coming up with domain name ideas.  I then present a 5 step process of how to choose a domain name and get the name you want. [Read more…]

Bluehost vs Hostgator – Which is Best for You?

bluehost vs hostgatorMany new website developers don’t know how to properly choose a website hosting provider.  Whether you are a new blogger looking to find a host for your WordPress site, or you are an experienced web publisher looking to make a change, my Bluehost vs Hostgator review showdown should help you decide.  I have experience with both of these providers and I can hopefully shed some light on which one is the right pick for your particular situation.  I summarize my findings in the table below, present my “bottom line” recommendations, and then present the backup details.  If you have experience with these providers or have questions on your particular situation, make sure to leave a comment!
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WordPress Blog Setup – Themes, Plugins and more

Wordpress Blog SetupThis article is Part 2 of our guide on WordPress Blog Setup.  In this article, we cover Ping/Update services, Themes, Plugins and more.  In Part 1 (How to Setup A WordPress Blog), we cover installation and configuration settings.

Publicize (Ping/RSS)

You want your audience to be able to find and easily read your blog.  In order to facilitate this, you need to set up your Ping (Update Services) and your RSS feed.
Update Services.  WordPress will automatically “ping” an update service site whenever you publish a new article.  To take advantage of this feature, go to Settings>Writing and copy the following recommended services into the text box and save your changes. [Read more…]

Step By Step Guide on How to Setup a WordPress Blog

Learning how to setup a WordPress blog can be confusing for beginners and experienced bloggers alike.  WordPress is relatively simple to install and begin using, but configuring the settings, tweaking the functionality and selecting plugins can be overwhelming. This step by step guide is meant to teach you how to install, configure and secure your WordPress blog.  In this first part of the guide, you will see how to install WordPress and configure some basic settings.  In the second part of the series, you will learn how to configure some more advanced settings, choose a theme, and select and install recommended plugins.

Installing WordPress

There are two main options for installing WordPress: one click install and manual install.  If your hosting providers supports a one-click installation for wordpress (through Fantastico De Luxe or other methods), this will be your easiest approach.  The one click installation will take care of setting up your databases and loading the WordPress files.  If your hosting provider does not provide a one click install or if you prefer to manually install WordPress, follow the steps below. [Read more…]

Selecting the Best Web Hosting Service for your Online Business

I have used dozens of web hosting providers over the last few years and the experience has taught me some very valuable lessons. If you are just getting started with your blog or website, choosing the right web hosting provider can be a daunting process.  There are literally thousands of web hosting companies claiming to be the best. Even worse, the web is littered with hundreds of “web hosting review” sites and affiliate marketers trying to influence your decision.  The good news, however, is that there are plenty of good, reliable and inexpensive web hosting providers available. Even better, if you happen to choose a provider and then become unsatisfied, it is a relatively easy process to move to a new provider.

The Web Hosting Landscape

Web Hosting Control PanelEven though thousands of companies offer or resell web hosting, the marketplace can be categorized by their offerings to help you determine what you need.  The first breakdown to consider is Windows Hosting vs. Linux Hosting.  This is a simple choice – virtually all Web Entrepreneurs will be using Linux based hosting because the most important web content management systems (i.e., WordPress et al) are built to run on Linux.

The other major decision to consider, is the type of hosting account that you need.  Typically, the hosting offerings are broken down into three types: shared, virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated. [Read more…]