How Much Do Bloggers Make

How Much Do Bloggers Make - you ever wondered how much money bloggers really make?

You are not alone.  I wondered the same thing when I started on my online journey back in 2008.  When I tried figuring this out back then, I was totally overwhelmed.  There was so much misinformation that I couldn’t get a straight answer.  Unfortunately, the problem still exists in 2014.

I decided to tackle answering the question “How much do bloggers make” by compiling all of the available information I could find and analyzing it.  To do this, I scoured the web for bloggers who self-reported their earnings.  I looked for any available surveys that analyzed blog income.  I hunted down research that attempted to shed light on blogger’s income.  This article, which I intend to regularly update, is the result of that effort. [Read more…]

How to Promote Your Blog – Proven Methods To Grow Your Traffic

Promote Your Blog - | CC BY 2.0Finding your niche, developing your website and writing content are relatively straight forward compared to figuring out how to promote your blog.  The key to success in marketing your blog is making sure you understand who your target readers are and where they “hang out”.  The blog promotion methods highlighted below are approaches I have used in promoting my own sites.  Not every method will apply to your site, but they should get you thinking about what’s necessary to get your blog noticed.

Good luck with promoting your blog and let me know in the comments section if any of these tips worked well for you. [Read more…]

How To Choose A Domain Name – Ideas and Best Practices

how to choose a domain name Choosing a domain name is a critical decision that webmasters face when creating a new property.  Every year the process gets tougher as more and more names are spoken for.  In this post I present a set of best practices to keep in mind when coming up with domain name ideas.  I then present a 5 step process of how to choose a domain name and get the name you want. [Read more…]

Bluehost vs Hostgator – Which is Best for You?

bluehost vs hostgatorMany new website developers don’t know how to properly choose a website hosting provider.  Whether you are a new blogger looking to find a host for your WordPress site, or you are an experienced web publisher looking to make a change, my Bluehost vs Hostgator review showdown should help you decide.  I have experience with both of these providers and I can hopefully shed some light on which one is the right pick for your particular situation.  I summarize my findings in the table below, present my “bottom line” recommendations, and then present the backup details.  If you have experience with these providers or have questions on your particular situation, make sure to leave a comment!
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