How to Write a Powerful Blog Post with My 9 Step Process

how to write a blog post - credit: |CC BY 2.0Writing does not come easy for me…never has.

“Writing is a struggle against silence.”

– Carlos Fuentes

I don’t find the writing process natural.  The words don’t just flow for me.  To overcome this, I have developed a way to write a blog post that works for me.  I have an engineering background – I like rules, steps and processes.

If you plan on having a successful blog you need to consistently produce quality content. I write my blog posts by following the 9 step process below.  Whether you are a good writer, or struggle like me, these steps should help you craft the type of powerful blog posts that your readers deserve.  Read on to learn how to write a blog post that compels your readers to take action. [Read more…]

How to Create Compelling Blog Posts – Foundation Content

Foundation ContentWhen developing content for a blog or website, many people struggle with choosing a topic.  This article will stress the importance of the quality of the content you are developing.  When trying to decide between writing five quick articles or one well thought out resource guide – I urge you to consider the concept of “Foundation Content”.

What Is Foundation Content

Foundation Content is core content that you build your website around.  Your website has a specific niche that it is addressing.  Foundation Content represents the articles and resources intended to satisfy the most urgent needs within your market space. If a visitor to your website only reads your foundational articles, they should feel that they have gained valuable insight into your niche.  There are many analogies and metaphors to help you understand the concept of Foundation Content.  Here are a few that I find to be useful: [Read more…]