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Makin' Bread & Drinkin' Espresso
Makin’ Bread & Drinkin’ Espresso

My name is Dave, but I am usually seen by my online username – DevAngel…and this is my blog.

I started dabbling in running my own online businesses in 2008.  At first it was just a hobby and a way to make some extra money to pay for my kids’ hockey and dance lessons.  As I learned more, and became more serious about it, I began to earn more from my online businesses than from my corporate executive job.  In 2013, I was lucky enough to be able to retire early from the corporate world and focus full-time on managing my growing Internet ventures.


The Start Grow Profit Blog

As my friends became jealous of my ability to leave the corporate grind in my 40s, they kept asking me:

  • “How did you do it?”
  • “What do you do all day?”
  • “Wait…what do you mean you don’t have any customers…how do you make money?”
  • “Is it hard…do you think I could do it?”

As I struggled to come up with easy-to-digest answers to their questions…the idea of this blog was formed.  I realized that most people who want to start making money online have no idea what it’s about or how to get started.  When I was first starting to get into running my own online business, I was completely overwhelmed by all the noise from many “experts” who were pitching their “systems” (schemes?) on how to “get rich” and only work a few hours per week.  It took me a long time to chart my own path and figure out what really works (and what doesn’t!).

I want this blog to help you chart your own path…and hopefully help you start, grow and profit from your own online business.

I intend to keep this blog on the practical, pragmatic side – short on hype and long on tips, tricks and tutorials.  I will probably include a few motivational posts because I know what a long road it can be to develop a successful online business.

About Me

I have been involved in Internet related businesses since about 1995.  In the past I have run marketing departments for both small businesses and several Fortune 500 companies.  I currently run an online publishing company in the education space. Update: Persistence pays off! – My websites have grown enough that I was able to leave my full-time job in mid-2013.  My sites currently receive over 5 million pageviews monthly and provide me a full time income.

My websites range from small niche information websites to large, heavily trafficked e-commerce sites.  Along the way, I have tried many, many things to grow my online business – some have been successful, but many have failed.  I have learned as much from my failures as from my successes.  I believe if you aren’t systematically trying new things you will never reach your full potential because you will never understand where the boundaries are.

Leaving my corporate job to run my online business required a leap of faith…but it was well worth it.  I now have much more time to spend with my wife and three kids.  I also find I can devote more time to figuring out how to make a consistent cup of espresso, make authentic Italian bread, and travel (mostly to my kids’ hockey games across the country).

Starting and growing your online business is not easy.  You will need to be persistent and have a little luck.  Some of my most successful web properties are the ones that took the longest to develop and nurture.  Above all, I hope that this blog provides you with some answers and encouragement on your road to developing a profitable online business.